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Machines usually break down, but with warning. If you pay attention to the machine, you can learn about an impending breakdown before it occurs, so you can take preventive measures to keep the machine in good operating condition. However, if there is a malfunction or breakdown of the system, prompt AC repair will be needed to bring the air conditioner back to normal operation. We are a Pittsburgh, PA, HVAC company with a lot of experience in air conditioner repair and maintenance. Whatever the cause of the AC breakdown, our technicians can diagnose the problem and carry out the repairs needed to bring your cooling system back to life.

Pittsburgh, PA, AC Repair Services

Air conditioners can break down due to a leak in the refrigeration system. This will result in depletion of the refrigerant, which will prevent any form of cooling from taking place. To remedy this problem, our technicians will plug the leak and recharge the coolant. Another common problem is a faulty thermostat which will prevent the AC from turning on even when room temperatures rise beyond the desired level. A faulty thermostat can also fail to stop the cooling cycle and the result is a chilled room, which can be incredibly uncomfortable.

A malfunctioned thermostat may also switch off the cooling cycle before the desired room temperature is reached, meaning that you will not be as comfortable as you want to be. To deal with this type of problem, our technicians will inspect the thermostat and repair it if possible. If not, they will find a suitable replacement. Other problems you may encounter is dust coming out of the AC and formation of ice around the air handler.

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We are a highly rated HVAC company. We have been in the industry for decades, so we know what our clients expect as well as how to meet those expectations. Our professionally-trained HVAC technicians will ensure your air conditioner is repaired and serviced in a professional manner. Call our team today for prompt AC repairs.