Boilers in Pittsburgh, PA

Boilers in Pittsburgh, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Hydronic heating systems are the most popular type of central heating for both homes and business premises. This is because the system heats indoor spaces quietly, evenly and quickly. There is no forced movement of air, so airborne impurities and other contaminants cannot easily become airborne. This makes the system safer for people who have respiratory conditions, such as sinusitis and asthma, and allergies. Boilers are, without a doubt, the most important component of any hydronic heating system.


Role Played by Boilers in Central Heating

The boiler is responsible for super-heating water to create steam. The heat can be from an electric heater or a furnace that burns heating oil, propane or natural gas. In some places, people still use furnaces that are powered by coal. While these systems may be equally effective in heating a home or business premises, the resulting exhaust gases are harmful to the environment, which makes them unsuitable for use in an environment-conscious society.

How it Works?

A boiler has a series of metallic water pipes passing through the combustion chamber of the furnace. When combustion takes place, the furnace burns fuel and produces intense heat as a result. This heats up the water pipes. When water passes through the red-hot water pipes, it is superheated and steam is generated. The steam and hot water exit through the outlet of the boiler and taken to different parts of the building through a closed loop plumbing system. These pipes are connected to radiators and baseboard heaters, which extract heat energy from hot water and steam, and releases it to the surrounding air through radiation. After passing through all the heat exchangers in the system, water is taken back to the boiler for further heating.

Since boilers are subjected to intense heat and operate under high pressure, they are prone to breakdowns. For this reason, property owners should hire a reliable heating company to service the boiler in their heating system and perform the necessary repairs whenever the heating appliance breaks down.

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