Ventilation In Pittsburgh, PA

Ventilation In Pittsburgh, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

HVAC, as you already know, is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. However, most people normally ignore the V part of HVAC, and concentrate more on heating and cooling to keep their homes and business premises comfortable throughout the year. Venting entails recycling air within an enclosed space as well as exchanging air with the outside environment with the aim of keeping indoor air quality within tolerable levels.

Since vents that allow heated or cooled air to escape to the outside, or air from the outside to get into the house, can lower the efficiency of the system, many people usually choose to seal those vents. To ensure the quality of air is still high, some people normally invest in systems that can clean and recycle air. For instance, air from the room is first dehumidified or humidified before getting into the air ducts on its way to the heater/cooler. Air is then thoroughly filtered to get rid of airborne pathogens, such as mold spores, dust and other airborne impurities. The air coming out of vents around the building will have the right humidity level, no impurities and heated/cooled according to the user’s needs.

The Importance of Ventilation

It is important for HVAC companies and property owners to balance between cost and safety. According to research studies, failure to properly vent the air inside a building has made indoor air quality worse than outdoor air. While you can easily lower your heating or cooling bill by simply plugging those air leaks to the outside, the cost of treating respiratory conditions you can develop from breathing contaminated air at home or at the office for long will be much higher. A little bit of venting air to the outside and installation of an efficient HVAC system can help to ensure indoor spaces are safe and healthy for the occupants.