Dehumidifiers In Pittsburgh, PA

Dehumidifiers In Pittsburgh, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

Dehumidifiers are appliances that help to lower the moisture content of air circulating in a room. Excess humidity can make an indoor space feel hotter than it actually is. During the cold winters, high humidity can reduce the effectiveness of heating systems, which means that achieving optimal comfort in indoor spaces when there is high humidity can be extremely difficult. That’s why dehumidifiers should be installed to keep humidity levels within the recommended levels.

Signs You Have High Humidity in Your Home

One of the most common signs of high humidity in a building is a musty odor. This usually occurs when a room is exposed to air with excessive moisture for several hours. Another sign is foggy windows, which is a result of condensation. When you stay in a room with high humidity, your skin will feel clammy. The overall effect is a truly uncomfortable indoor space that cannot easily be heated or cooled. That said, high humidity is a major concern in cooling systems, while heating systems are adversely affected by low humidity levels.

Effects of High Humidity on Air Conditioning

Under normal circumstances, air conditioners also perform dehumidification in addition to air filtration and cooling. When humidity levels are higher than normal, however, the AC may be overwhelmed and may not be able to effectively remove excess moisture or cool air properly. This means the system will be forced to work harder for longer to be able to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Dehumidifier Installation

The best remedy for a high humidity problem is to install a dehumidifier. This device can be paired with your air conditioner or installed in a central HVAC system to pull excess moisture from air before it gets into the air ducts. A certified HVAC company can easily assess your needs and install the right dehumidifier for your needs.