Humidifiers In Pittsburgh, PA

Humidifiers In Pittsburgh, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

Humidifiers: There Is More To Them Than Just A Name

At the risk of boring you, it is important to understand that not all technological advancements should leave you in a panic, as there are things like humidifiers that actually prolong life instead of end it. A humidifier is basically an appliance that increases the moisture levels in indoor living spaces. For a wide range of reasons –mostly health and comfort related- such a device is surely worth every cent. Used in conjunction with most HVAC systems, there are different types for different environments ranging from commercial, industrial and household systems.


So you are wondering why on earth one would need to moisturize the air. Well, it’s fairly simple and it lies in the problem of dry air. When the air you breathe is dry, this naturally means that your nose (nasal passages), throat, eyes and lips will be dry and highly irritable. Dry air can cause dry throat, the cracking of lips, nose bleeding, dry skin, sinus and other complications like irritable vocal chords. So it is true, humidifiers are a must have.

On the flipside, it’s not always rosy. Like most other things, abuse can cause a number of health risks and complications. Generally a humidifier should be set between 30%-55%; so anything above this can increase the relative humidity to abnormal levels. Yes, you guessed it, mold is one of the problems that can set in, amongst other risks like dust mites and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. To make monitoring easy it’s best to buy a device that comes with a hygrostat, which does the control automatically. In addition to this, it is equally important to be wary of your water source. Water with a lot of mineral (hard water) can result in a white dust forming on furniture. It is for this reason that distilled or desalinized water is used in most ultrasonic devices.