Heating Service In Pittsburgh, PA

Heating Service in Pittsburgh, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Heater Service Can Extend The Lifetime Of Your Home Equipment

Never underestimate the importance of routine heater service. We’ve been helping residents of Pittsburgh, PA maintain their home heating equipment for some time and we know how vital regular maintenance is for keeping these systems running efficiently. With our help, you can extend the lifetime of your home heating equipment and enjoy lower energy bills and a much higher quality of indoor air.

How Heater Service Can Improve Your IAQ

If you or one of your family members suffers from a chronic respiratory condition, then you know how important having a good indoor air quality (IAQ) truly is. That burnt smell that old heaters emit when they’re first turned on for the season is the smell of old, trapped debris warming up. These same particulates are circulated throughout the system all year long until they accumulate on the interior components of this equipment. When we service your heater, we’ll clean all lint traps, filters and hard to reach interior parts. This way, less dirt, allergens and dust will be present in your home and household residents can breathe easier.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The removal of trapped debris from your home heating system won’t just make your home smell better and the indoor air cleaner. It will also significantly improve the efficiency of the heating system overall. When these particulates get trapped in heater filters and other device components, your heater has to work harder to do its job. Beyond dust and debris removal, we’ll also check hoses and other parts for signs of heavy wear and tear. Replacing these things ahead of any major break down can limit your repair costs and keep your current heater running far longer.

Maintenance Is A Cost-Effective Way Of Preventing Problems

Our trained technicians can help you implement and maintain a routine maintenance schedule for year-round heating efficiency. Don’t get stuck with a busted heater when the first cold front comes rolling in. Contact us today to find out how you can improve your indoor air quality and save money on your home heating bills starting now.